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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing For Boys Pump Up Series: Freckled Laundry

Today I want to welcome Jami (who needs to come decorate my home) to the blog.  You've seriously got to hop over there and take a look at her home.  I just love the simplicity with which Jami creates beauty over at freckled laundry.  Jami is another fabulous momma of boys, blogger, and business woman.  I was so glad that Jami was willing to visit with us today so she can pass some of that designer inspiration on to us.
Hello! I'm Jami from freckled laundry and happy to be included in this sew-along! I'm also happy that I was introduced to Sewing for Boys as a result. It's such a cute book. Thank you, Stacey! Although I can't wait to try my hand at some of the clothing, I chose the adorable Patchwork Blanket to share today. I've been wanting to re-purpose some of my twins' baby clothes into a rag quilt (Note: I'm not a quilter!) so when I saw this pattern, it was a no-brainer.

I sew for three little ones (an 8 year-old son, and 2 year-old boy/girl twins), but this sweet blanket is for my Grey...

The blanket pattern in the book uses re-purposed jersey knit t-shirts but I had all sorts of materials to work (knit, tweed, cashmere, etc.) with so I incorporated them as well.

I love the fact that the only thing I needed to buy was a $4.00 piece of flannel for the back!
You need to assemble sixteen 9-1/2" squares and in instances where the clothing was too small, I simply appliqued it to a 9-1/2" square of cotton jersey cut from Dad's old t-shirts, using a straight or zigzag stitch.

Or both.

There is no need to be perfect with your stitches. Imperfect works with the casual nature of this design! The frayed edges work too.
Just have fun with this blanket. I appliqued a little tooth fairy pocket using a piece of sweater...

...and cut a "G" from a pair of overalls.

Some tips when working with this pattern:
1.  Just say NO to shrinking! Make sure to wash and dry your flannel beforehand (and any other fabrics that haven't been washed and dried), especially if this blanket will be used and loved...and laundered many times.
2. Although the pattern calls for a 1-1/2 yard (by 45") piece of flannel for the backing, you only need one yard. Assembled, the blanket measures 35" square. At first, I thought I might have missed a fifth row of squares.
3. Also, I did not sandwich the 1-1/2 yard piece of jersey knit between the front squares and flannel back as the pattern calls for. I believe you would only do this if you want some extra weight or did a peek-a-boo cut out on one of the squares (so that the jersey would peek through).
4. Pin like the Dickens! Knit doesn't like to stay put so be sure to pin your squares to the backing before sewing together and finishing off. This will keep everything place.

5. For the edge of the blanket, I set my stitch to a zigzag at 1.0 width and 3.0 length as the book suggests for the other patterns. I actually straight stitched first and then went back over it with the zigzag. After I wash and dry this, the edges ought to fray more and soften up a bit.

6. Have fun and try not to cry as you remember the memories attached to each of the little outfits! :)

Sure beats sitting in a box in the attic. Happy sewing! Thank you for having me, Stacey!
I so love the monochrome color scheme and that you included the embellishments and such from the original items.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful blanket.
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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet things you wrote, Stacey! If we were a little closer in proximity, I'd love to help decorate your home...I'm sure my husband would be thrilled for me to decorate someone else's space for a change too! :) Thank you so much for including me in this sew-along & introducing me to the book. Fun!

  2. This blanket is just so sweet!! I love how you used all greys and how you kept those little overall shapes on a couple of the squares. It's perfectly imperfect.

  3. You have no idea how excited I was to see this quilt! I've been packing up my 8 week old's clothes he doesn't fit anymore and am really sad at the thought of having to sort through them, choose what to keep, what to give away, and that I'll never get to use them again since he is our last bub. This is a perfect way for me to keep them...and useful too! I just have to get over the thought of cutting them up first. lol :-)

  4. Cutting them up was definitely the hard part, especially the little cashmere outfit. I kept thinking, "What if he grows up and has a son and wishes the outfit was still intact so his boy could wear it, etc." Then, I remembered that men usually aren't that sentimental! lol (I also kept a small stash perfectly intact just in case.) If you do make the quilt, I'd love to see it!

  5. This is the exactly what I was hoping for, with this patchwork blanket. I love what you've done. I get all teary-eyed every time I come back to look at this. So beautiful!


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