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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dapper Dillinger Trouser Pattern Review

Okay, without sounding like I've developed an obsession (although after you read this post you might think it's true), today I'm reviewing the Dapper Dillinger Trouser Pattern from Pattern's By Figgy.

Dapper Dillinger Pattern Review

Now that I've finished them, I'm totally excited about this pattern and can't wait to make more.  I can't say their completion wasn't without a bit of frustration and seam ripping on my part but I can confidently say this had everything to do with the fact that I'd never sew pants with pockets, anything more than a fold over elastic waistband, or finished my seams, and nothing to do with the pattern or instructions.

Dapper Dillinger Pattern Review

The pattern is very easy to use and unless my kids are just way, way down in the growth scale (which is highly possible after their last few illnesses), the pattern is generously sized.  If you have an averaged sized/weighted child, think toward the bottom end of clothing sizes. I didn't have trouble with the sewing of the waistband, as I've seen others had.  I think the trick is to use the water soluble basting tape recommended in the instructions.

Most of my sewing experience has been in quilting and small projects and I still have a lot of growing to do in clothing sewing.  Don't look too closely at some of those seams.  But the pants have finished seams and workable pockets and the pants did not fall apart when worn or washed.

I love the cuffs.  So manly and yet so adorable dressed down with a tee.

The pattern is easy to use but unless my kids are just way, way down in the growth scale (which is highly possible after their last few illnesses), the pattern is generously sized.  I used the 18 month pattern which ended up being a bit long for K and I used a shorter elastic than recommended.

So I set out making the pants for K and they ended up fitting S (almost 3) Instead of getting to work, shortening the legs, I gave them to big brother.  I'm thinking of hiding some calorie booster in everything he eats.

They fit him perfectly.  And he loves them which is throwing me for a loop since he's been on a pajama only kick for the last 3 months.  The pattern calls for a contrasting fabric on the inside of the pockets but I chickened out and kept with the gray corduroy.

This pattern is very versatile.  It's the perfect upscale comfy pant.  I can't wait to try a few pairs in linen or seersucker.  I'm already planning on the the next pair to have a few more hidden patches of color.

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  1. I think they look great! And what a cute model!!! You make me want to buy this pattern. Thanks.

  2. YAAAAAY! I love these. They are one of my favorites, ever.

    They are indeed generously sized, if you look at the measurements on the package, you may find that your kid wears a different size in PBF Clothes. You can turn that cuff up once and tack it up (like in the SFB Goodnight, Sweetheart PJs) to get another year or so of growth.

  3. Super cute! The corduroy was a great choice.


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