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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rock Collecting

Me:  "C, why is your jacket so heavey?"
C: "Cause it's got rocks in it?"
Me:  "Oh, really?"
C:  "Yeah, wanna see?  I found them at school."
Me:  "Oh, my.  That's a LOT of rocks!"
C: "Yeah, aren't they cool?"

This was the discussion that passed as I picked C up from preschool the other day.  The rock "collecting" obsession has gone on for about a year now.  In the backyard, at the park, on every, single walk.  He can't get enough of the gathering.  Some are big.  And when I say big, I mean BIG.  And some are small--enough to choke his 1 year old brother who puts everything in his mouth.

So, it was time to go in search of a "collecting" box or a rocky type craft to fashion. I I've got to put my foot down somewhere and meet this "hobby" head on.  We can't have rocks lying all over the house for me to step on every two minutes and Baby K to eat.  Which he will.  Over and over again.  Because it takes a lot to remember that rocks taste yucky?

Just before packing up all of our Earthly belongings, I asked C to choose about 20 of the small rocks to move along with us.  The rest will just have to stay here.  And I'm happy to say, I've got a bunch of ideas now, thanks to my recent Pinterest obsession hobby.  Here are a few ideas I'm mulling over:

River Rock Boot Trays by Vively Online

 Stone Heart by Fresh Home Ideas
These are actually rock shaped (soy)crayons from Ecoartworks but they've got my mind spinning on how to take C's rocks and cover them and make our own.  Or just painting C's rocks in pretty rainbow colors and display.

Love Rocks from Not the Office Type

And since C will be starting Kindergarten in August, we will definitely be making some Alphabet Rocks.

So many great ideas.  You may now want to humor your little collector.


  1. this rocks...hehe ah i think im so funny, but really good ideas! thanks for sharing:)

  2. What is it with boys & rocks?? My 8 yr old loves them too, I find them everywhere.

  3. My little guy is constantly collecting rocks, too! The worst part of it is that if we are together during the collecting process, he expects to be able to fill MY pockets til they are bursting as well as his own. So glad to have some ideas to make use of the rocks. Thanks for sharing!


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