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Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Birthday- A Camping We Will Go

We had a camping themed party for K's first birthday this weekend.   It was such a crazy, whirlwind kinda party that I was unable to get super photos of the decor.  I'm waiting on copies of photos my girlfriend took.

If I had photos to show you, you'd be seeing:

Red and White Gingham Tablecloths, colorful lanterns from the dollar store, and a few pine cones rounded out the table decorations.

I strung homemade pine cone garland at the entrance way to the pavilion.  This was seriously easy (collect a variety of pine cones, use glue gun to glue to twine) and looked so cute.  If it makes it through the move, I plan to add it to our Christmas decorations.

The food was basic, American BBQ yumminess:  hamburgers and hotdogs, baked beans, coleslaw and pasta salad.

I kept the games simple.  The first game was a "Camping Tent Extermination Relay Race".  We set up a tent and separated into two teams.  The kids raced to the tent, scooped up an insect or spider with a bug net, and ran back to place it into a bucket.
Camping Nature Walk

Then came the Nature Hunt, which was the biggest hit.  I prepared a list with pictures and words of things the children would be able to find in our outdoor area (printable above, my dears).  They crossed off each item as they found it and brought their finished card back for a prize.  I found some camp counselor style whistles to hand out (which we used later for Camp Counselor Says).  Sadly, with the introduction of whistles to take home, I may have lost a few friends in the process.

Hopefully I gained them back with the Take Along Trail Mix bar at the end.

Finally, was a rousing game of "Fish, Fish, Bear!"  I had the kids sit around the outside of the tent in a circle. The game was basically played like Duck, Duck, Goose except when the "it" person said "BEAR", they had to run all the way around and get inside the tent to be safe.  

The crowning achievement of the event though had to have been the dessert table.  

Smore' Cupcakes

These S'More cupcakes were so easy (yes, I cheat and use a box mix).  So, bake cupcakes about 20 minutes until they tops spring back.  Then top with 1 large marshmallow and stick back into the oven (I turned mine on broil to get a little browning action going).  Watch as they puff--about 2 minutes and take them out.  You'll also want to stay close because a stray marshmallow popped off from time to time.  Once out, press down slightly to allow all that gooey marshmallow to coat the entire surface.  Then stick 1 Hershey's square and one Grahamn Cracker square down into the goo.

And since I had a last minute panic attack about whether their was going to be enough, I whipped up some S'More Pops too.

 For all of the Camping Birthday Party printables, including the Happy Birthday banner click here.


  1. What a fun party!!!! And what a cute theme!

  2. Very cute ideas!! Thank you!!


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