Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fabric Candle Wrap

candle embellishment

Because, let's face it.  Boys smell.

Fabric Candle Wrap

And my favorite candle is called "Christmas Cookies".

And it just won't do to have a Christmas Cookie label showing in June.

Custom made for each candle the Velcro does the holdy, jobby part.

A pretty, little counter attack.
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  1. I love love love these! Where do you come up with these ideas? And you made me laugh out loud with that "counter attack" comment. I love a good play on words. Hm, if I can manage to get the entire house spotless, 4 dozen cookies made, snacks prepared, and other decor constructed, I may just whip up a couple valentine's versions of these for the party on Tuesday. (in other words: SO not happening.)

  2. What a fun way to make those necessary candles more appealing. The fabrics you chose are so happy.

  3. I always hate the labels showing, too. What a fantastic solution. And they would make an awesome gift. Love this!

  4. These are soo cute.. and so versatile! Love the colors and patterns and that you could make them for any holiday decor! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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