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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Wickedly Awesome-

This weeks Wickedly Awesome feature is . . . Bee in Our Bonnet. These two sisters, Kathryn and Ashleigh are two amazing mother crafters.

I've so enjoyed getting to know them through their blog and being able to enjoy their wonderful craftiness.  They have enough boys and girls between them to provide fun crafty/decorating/kid's/food projects that anyone can relate to.

Here's what I love:

Father's Day tie inspired Chocolcate Mint Desert

Adorable, First Day of School Survival Kits

 An amazing Alice in Wonderland themed party

 Monster Eyeballs which look so, so yummy

 This great shelf which has traveled through several seasonal decorating experiences.  The current use: Advent boxes.

And how cute are these soccer cookies?  My sons would want to eat the whole lot!

Hop on over and check out all the goodness they have on display.


  1. I love Bee in Our Bonnet! They do amazing things.

    p.s. my pillowcover is awesome. THANK YOU.

  2. Wow! Thanks, Stacey, for being such a great cheering section. We love Chris, she does amazing things. You have a fabulous blog, can't wait to follow :)


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