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Friday, December 3, 2010

Kid Craft Friday- Paper Plate Santa

I don't know how things go in the afternoons at your house, but from 2 pm on ours looks/sounds like this:

Pick C up from preschool.
Eat snack and watch show while Mommy puts toddler down for nap and tries to nurse the baby hoping that he'll go down for a nap too, which of course never happens.
Toddler wakes up and ruckus ensues while Mommy tries desperately to get some laundry or cleaning done because we've been gone all morning trying to get the errands done with only two children.
Lots of screaming, fighting, running around our apartment causing havoc and much mess and most definitely ending in crying (me included) and boys being separated in different rooms to play while Mommy tries to come up with something to eat for dinner.

For some reason Friday's are a bit rough.  Maybe because we know the week is over and we're just generally tired of all the running around.  Some Friday's, just making it until Daddy comes home seems like a major goal.

So, afternoons have become Kid Craft time.  A place where quiet reigns.  It means putting off the cleaning or cooking but it is well worth it for a ladies sanity.

This week we made a Paper Plate and cotton ball version of Santa.


3 Good Old American White Paper Plates (You know the shaudy ones that don't stand up to wet or heavy foods)
Red Craft paint
1 Sheet, Black, Self Adhesive Foam paper
1 sheet peach construction paper or card stock
A handful of cotton balls or cotton make-up rounds
Scrap of yellow paper
Pink pom-pom


1.  Fold one paper plate in half and then in half again and cut to make four triangles.

2.  Paint one whole paper plate and one triangle.

3.  Use the third paper plate to trace a circle onto the peach colored paper (Lay the peach paper on top and follow the curve underneath).  You want to duplicate the inner circle (bottom) of the plate.  Cut out peach circle.

4.  Free hand a belt strap, boots and one square for the inside of the belt loop, on the back of the black, foam paper.  Make sure your boots go in separate directions.

5.  Once the paint is dry, take the paper backing off the foam and apply the belt and boots.  Glue a yellow square to the center of the belt strap and apply the black square on top.

You can leave your beard so that it comes higher up and glue cotton further up on the chin if you like.  C got bored of the gluing and quit here.  We'll call him a young version of Santa.
6.  Glue the peach circle to the center of the third plate.  Cut around the top of the plate leaving a beard shaped portion at the bottom.

7.  Glue cotton balls to the top of the hat and to the beard portion of the face.  If you want, add a mustache.  Draw on eyes and a mouth, glue on your pink pom-pom for the nose.

I do not know why Santa has such dangerous looking teeth.  This is what you get when boys craft, I guess.
8.  Glue/staple the two plates and the hat together to complete your Santa.

Ho, ho, ho!

Hopefully you've successfully distracted your little monkey/ies for this Friday afternoon.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Awww, that's cute. I'm having a Christmas Link party on my blog and I'd like to invite you to add the link to this project. You can add as many as you like as long as they're Christmas related.

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