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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adult T-shirt Re-fashion: Boys Valentine's Shirt

I was all set to sit down and make the appliqued shirt/onsie I've had planned for the boys when I realized I had forgotten to ask my husband for more money this morning.  If you've ever lived in a country that doesn't deal in credit or debit cards, you'll understand my dismay.  I decided to sit down and quickly peruse my blog roll instead and came across a "challenge" from my friend Adrianna.  While her blog entry this morning was asking for more creative ideas for refashioning a T-shirt, it gave me the inspiration I needed.  Why not make the T-shirt myself?

My favorite T-shirt refashion tutorial is here at Homemade By Jill

While not exactly a re-fashion, since she constructs her shirt from new knit material, she does discuss how to go about tracing an old shirt onto the refashioning material, thus creating your own pattern.  Not to mention the fact that the ruffle neck she made is just the cutest.

And that is what I did today. I'm actually really proud of myself. I've not made an original article of clothing since my high school Home Education class and that one was from a pattern. In the end it was really not a big deal. There are some really great tutorials out there so I won't go into detail. Plus, I didn't take pictures as I went along because I was far from confident that it would turn out well. I was most excited that I figured out how to sew long sleeves on!  Chalk up one for sewing confidence!

C as in a very silly mood his afternoon so this is the best shot Icould get.  This next one is pretty cute in theory but you can't see the applique very well.

Future career?


  1. a) I really, really, really love the shirt.
    b) He is so so so adorable.
    c) Maybe it'd be better if he goes to an all-boys school. He's going to be very, very distracting to the girls.
    d) The shirt is AWESOME!
    e) So impressed that you basically made that from scratch.
    f) Did you make two? I would like one. With the mail.... it'll get here by next V Day.

  2. Stacey, you are awesome! This is fantastic, and I can't believe you did it in one day!

  3. this is so adorable!! i was wondering how i could make my son a tshirt for valentines day with out it being too girly! lol this is great!!

  4. Adorable! The shirt came out great. And how cute is he posing for the camera?!? Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am impressed! that is a really cool idea :)

    and I am dying with laghter at "crafterhours" comment "c) Maybe it'd be better if he goes to an all-boys school. He's going to be very, very distracting to the girls." haha! that is really cute.

    Have an awesome day and thank for sharing your project!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  6. Fun shirt for a little boy! However all my boys are 20-somethings now...come say hi.

  7. What a girlies boy!! teehee
    I am really jealous of the shirt that you made, now we need you to do a tutorial(for long sleeves)!!
    I'll be waiting...........

  8. Oh Yeah I Forgot(as usual)
    I am really glad to see items for boys instead of girls!!!! So THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

  9. That is soo cute..i love the hearts spilling out of the truck! Thanks for sharing!


  10. As a crafty mom of 3 boys (plus one girly girl), I'm so glad to find your blog. The stores are way heavy on girly holiday shirts. Found you on the Little Boys link party.

  11. This is cute! So many girly Valentine's things around, boys get left out :-( May have to make my own for my lil guy. Thanks!


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