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Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Trace Nested Sewing Patterns (Japanese Sewing Book Tip)

You've finally decided to tackle a Japanese Sewing Pattern book or sewing magazine like Ottobre.  It arrives on your doorstep and you lovingly look through the beautiful photos and decide which pattern you want to tackle first but when you open the pattern sheet and see the many patterns nested together and overlapping each other and a small (or large) feeling of panic goes through you.  Have you been here?  Did you put the book/magazine away totally intimidated?  Do not fear!  It's easier than it looks to find your pattern pieces!  Are you ready for my super genius tip?  

To make tracing your patterns pieces easier . . . use a highlighter!  And when you trace another pattern, use a different color!  Yes, this simple tip will keep that panic at bay and make it infinitely easier to trace the pattern once it's under your butcher or pattern tracing paper.  

This method of course works best with those pattern sheets that are printed in black and white.  Since Ottobre pattern sheets are printed in color already, you can skip this step and get right to tracing.  For more tips on reading Ottobre pattern marks, click over to THIS post

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