Friday, April 18, 2014

The Fashionable Type

I like words.  I devour them in books and am constantly finding myself drawn to typography in fashion.  Words have meaning and power and are so visually stimulating.  The words themselves communicate thoughts and feelings and when you combine that with visually pleasing patterns, it can blow the mind and leave you thinking about that one thought for days.  

  The week of May 5th-11th, type in fashion is going to take over this blog and that of some of my like-minded, crafty, blogger friends.  Get ready for an entire series on graphic typography tees, home decor, and outfits or clothing items inspired by type in the form of words, letters or numbers.  There are sure to be tutorials on screen printing, freezer paper, printer paper or any other way of working words and letters into clothing/accessories/home decor. 

Does that sound as exciting to you as it does to me?  Not only will there be great tutorials and fashionable show-and-tells, but I'm lining up daily giveaways to amazing, handmade shops that sell products ranging from fabric to t-shirts, to home decor items that focus on visually pleasing words.  

Here's a preview of creative bloggers who will be whipping up some wordy fashion:


I've been working on a Typography Pinterest board to get us all inspired to sew/craft with words.  There are some amazing designers out there.

As the series goes along, we'd love to see what typographic fashions you've been crafting!  Upload your photos to the Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts Facebook page so we can ooh and ahhh over your creations. Or grab the button above and show everyone your wordy excitement!

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