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Monday, August 24, 2015

15+ Sewing Patterns For Tween Boys

Tween Boy Sewing Patterns
As I sat down this week to sew a few things for the boy's Back-to-School wardrobes, I realized it's finally happened.  This big boy has sized out of most of my favorite sewing patterns, most of which end at size 8.  Luckily, the little two still have a few year's left.  If you, like me, find yourself running out of sewing sizes, here are a few boy sewing patterns that will take you through the 9-14 year ranges.  Several of these designers have more than one boy pattern so I encourage you to click on over to see what they offer. 

Essential Sweats (affiliate link)

There's a good basic set here but the sewing world could use more "big" boy patterns.  Let your favorite designers know what you're looking for.  They do their best to design for their customer's interest but they won't know what boy mom's are looking for unless we speak up.

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