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Monday, March 30, 2015

Life With Boys Photo Challenge

Moms are moms no matter where you live.  We may all have different ways to go about parenting but one thing is for certain--- we all love our children.  If you stop by here from time to time, I'm guessing you're a boy momma (or Grandmama) and can relate to what it's like to observe and raise a boy.  Boy moms, whether we have one, five, or more, need all the support we can get.  With all the comments we overhear each week about ours being "all boy", I think it's time we spread the news that ALL kids are unique and different. 

 Let's celebrate the boy(s) in our lives, and all their variations, with an April photo challenge.  Post your photos to Instagram or Facebook and tag with #lifewithboyschallenge and @ohboyohboyohboycrafts and join in our celebration of all things boy! Then go spread the word to all your boy momma friends!

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