Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zippered Patch Pocket Shorts

Pockets.  There's just something about boys and pockets.  My guys insist that every pair of  pants and shorts must come with pockets. Where else would you put all the cool rocks, and sticks, and treasures?  How about your kids? Do they like pockets?  If yes, here's a great way to add a few extra treasure holding spots. With working zippers. To ensure nothing. gets. lost.

You'll need four squares or rectangles (2 in your main fabric and 2 in contrasting fabric), and two 5 " pocket zippers.  You'll want to draft your pockets based on the shorts/pants pattern you are using.  Be sure your pocket will leave at least 1/2 to 3/4 " from each side of the pants to take into consideration the side seam allowances.

With the right side of the zipper down, facing the right side of your main fabric, pin (the side of the zipper you are NOT sewing) and sew your zipper using a zipper foot.

Press the seam back and top stitch on the right side of the fabric

With right sides together, sew the other side of the zipper to the contrasting fabric.  Make sure to open your zipper about 1/2 way. Press and top stitch the other side of the zipper.

With right sides together, pin the pocket pieces and sew around the outside edges starting at the right side of the zipper, pivoting at the corners and then sewing all the way to the left side of the zipper.

Clip your corners, turn right side out and press well.

Place and pin your pocket to the right side of your short (you'll want to be careful to leave at least 1/2 inch away from each edge and 1 to 2 " from the bottom)  front and edge stitch in place.

Constructing the pocket in this manner will allow for super secure zippered space for the most prized treasures as well as a hidden space behind. You can play with the design of the pockets by placing the zippered portion at the top or size of the pocket.

Once you've completed your shorts, your little one will now have plenty of space to hold all the "must keep with me at all times" items that they find throughout the day. Just don't forget to check ALL of the pockets before throwing these bad boys in the wash.

Pattern Used:  Oliver and S Field Trip Cargo Pants.  Size 5T.

Pattern Modifications: Pattern was altered by combining the top and knee portions of the pattern and subtracting the pleated knee portion.  The pants back piece was then cut to the same length. I used the Cargo pocket piece for the zippered knee pocket and cut the waistband piece in contrasting fabric.

Fabrics:  Main fabric is Robert Kaufman Chambray in Black and the contrasting fabric is Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in Chartreuse

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