Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Harry Potter Iron On Transfer Shirts

Harry Potter Shirt

Hey, did you know July is Harry Potter's birthday?  Well, it is and Raegun Ramblings is throwing a week long party to celebrate.  I first read the books as a newbie teacher (you know, to make sure I was in the know with what the kids we're into) and was hooked instantly.  Now that the boys are old enough to watch some of the movies, I've passed along my infatuation to them. In honor of the wonderful characters throughout the books, I've made up a set of Harry Potter character shirts.

I figured they'd all fight over who got the Harry Potter graphic but was pleasantly surprised when it came time to choose who'd they'd like to feature on their t-shirts.

I have to say they kind of chose the character's I would have picked for them based on their personalities.  The oldest picked Potter, which goes along perfectly with his mostly,  selfless and caring personality.  The middle guy chose Dumbledore which follows along with studiously, profoundly serious personality that breaks out into childish glee over small things like Bertie's Every Flavor Beans.

Weasley Twins shirt

And the youngest?  He went for George and Fred Weasley which is SO spot on for his own character, I can't even tell you.  I fear a future of ingeniously invented mischief devices and a charm that will smooth it all over.

Once I create the images in Illustrator, it was all a matter of printing them out on Avery Transfer Paper, cutting out the image and ironing it onto their t-shirts. I know everyone's favorite character is usually Harry Potter, he is the hero after all, but I'm kinda in love with the Weasley Twins.  Got to love a guy with a sense of humor and unfailing loyalty.

Dress three boys up in Harry Potter shirts and give them "wands" and if you've ever been around kids, you can pretty much imagine how this photo shoot went. This collage alone depicts the end of Fred, Dumbledore deep in thought, and just one of many wizard battles.

Harry Potter Character Shirts

If you'd like to download the Harry Potter graphic click here.  I'll have the rest of the characters ready to go next week and the whole bunch will be available for purchase then from the Beatnik Kids Etsy shop.  Since they'll all be in PDF form, they'll be great for t-shirt transfers, or any other printable project.

Now on to the fabulous giveaway!  One lucky winner will get a fantastic Harry Potter prize pack including a Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt and Hogwarts House Tie Necklace from Rae Gun, A Geeky Pillow from Heart Felt Designs, Death Eater Stamp from Viky, A pair of Harry Potter Shoes from Hogswarts Unlimited, An Accio Book Bag and Potter Necklace from Pieces by Polly, a Mischief Managed Thought Bubble from Green Girl Art, and a 50$ Amazon.com gift card!

Also, 4 others will get a Death Eater stamp.

Good luck! Keep following the series over at Raegun Ramblings for more Harry Potter inspired crafts and recipes as well as the photo challange on Instagram!

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