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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Match With Me: A Mother-SON Sewing Series

I've been a mother of boys for 8 years now and while I love being a mom of boys, I have to confess that there have been moments along the way where I wondered what it would be like to have a little girl in the house. Someone who, as they grow, might want to go and see a chick-flick, who likes pretty dresses and matching or coordinating with their mom.

I've watched the mother-daughter clothing scene unfold.  Even sewing patterns are coming out in mommy and little girl sizes so you can sew the same dress for both mom and daughter.  Want to sew a Washi of Skater dress for you and your daughter?  You got it! But I realized as I mulled this over, that there's no reason that mom's and son's, in this day and age, can't sport matching clothing items or coordinate their accessories. Fedora's, suspenders, vests, and t-shirts are all fare game for matching mom and son outfits.

I've been a mommy of boys long enough to realize that boys, just like girls, are looking for ways to bond with mom.  My boys still hand me superhero masks or other pieces of costume and ask me to play along.  And even though they've started the male worship stage, I think they'll still get a kick out matching t-shirts or hats.  To my immense joy, I've found a bunch of like-minded, crafty, boy moms who feel the same way.  So . . . 
Here is the list of lovely ladies who will be joining me in sewing up some fun, mother-son creations:

We'd love for you to join along.  Feel free to post your mother-son creations on the Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Facebook page or tag your Instagram photos with the #matchwithme hashtag.  I can't wait to see what everyone sews and those big goofy boy grins from the proud boys!

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